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Differences between IAG and UAG

If you are thinking about upgrading from IAG to UAG you should check out these two documents: Forefront UAG and IAG 2007 feature comparison What’s new in Forefront UAG Advertisements

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System requirements for Forefront UAG endpoints

This post is more or less just a reference link to the System requirements for Forefront UAG endpoints. I am pointing this out because the client side requirements could be overlooked easily. Some UAG features are client OS and platform … Continue reading

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Error “You have attempted to access a restricted URL” when publishing Citrix XenApp with UAG

I used UAG to publish Citrix XenApp as Browser embedded application. Once the application was set up and the UAG configuration was activated, I tried to connect to the published application from a client computer. The SSL Application Tunneling appeared … Continue reading

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The UAG DirectAccess configuration cannot be activated – A timeout occurred

DirectAccess requires two public IP-addresses on the external network interface (NIC). This is clearly documented in the DirectAccess deployment guide on TechNet. Unfortunately, the UAG user interface does not validate for public IP-addresses on the external NIC. If private IP-addresses … Continue reading

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Certificate deployment for UAG DirectAccess

The Forefront UAG DirectAccess deployment guide covers the planning and configuration in great detail. What isn’t discussed in depth is the deployment of certificates. Any UAG computers that offers DirectAccess services must have an IP-HTTS and IPSec certificate. In addition, … Continue reading

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Forefront Facebook groups, fan pages, TechNet forums, blogs and web pages

I just discovered that there are several Microsoft Forefront related groups and fan pages available in Facebook: Facebook Forefront fan pages Microsoft Forefront http://www.ForefrontSecurity.ORG Facebook Forefront groups Microsoft Forefront group Microsoft Forefront Security Microsoft Forefront User Group Microsoft Forefront Identity … Continue reading

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